By Gureni Lukwaro

Some of the questions I get most of the time when people realize that I live in the Middle East is, “Are there Christians there?” “Are there Christian Churches there?” “Do they allow you to worship?” and other questions of the same nature.

I often smile and reply that YES, there are many Christians in various part of the Middle East; YES, there are Christian Churches in various parts of the Middle East; and YES, where I am, we are allowed to worship.

Then I continue to shock them that not only are there Christians in this our neighborhood, but there are also many Seventh-day Adventists. I go on to tell them that in our Field alone we have 19 full-fledged Adventist Churches. If you add Companies and Fellowships, we have over 30 congregations meeting regularly across our Field.

And these are not just idle congregations, they are very active groups that are vibrant, loving, sharing, and shining their Creators’ light and love all around. And as good Adventists would know, Pathfinder Department is the second most active ministry of the Adventist Church after Sabbath School. And the Gulf is no different, it is also Pathfinder Strong. How strong? Well, as of last year, the Pathfinder Club and its associated Ministries in the Gulf had:

Little Lambs – 48

Eager Beavers – 27

Adventurers – 67

Pathfinders – 102

Master-Guides-in-Training – 133

Full Master Guides – 35

I know that this year we have increased significantly. It is estimated that more than one quarter of the entire Seventh-day Adventist membership in the Gulf is involved, one way or another, with Pathfinder and its associated ministries.

Oh! Yes! We are the Pathfinder Strong and by the grace of God we are going to get even STRONGER!

Gureni Lukwaro is a Pathfinder Director, together with his wife Lynn, for the Gulf Field of the Middle East and North Africa Union of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.