By Jazzel Carhelyn Profeta

We want to Praise God for a wonderful and successful Gulf Field Camporee we just had. Pathfinders and other participants from the Abu Dhabi Adventist Center (ADAC) were blessed by the various programs and activities at the Camporee.

We also had the privilege of participating in events including the nightly talent shows where Pathfinders from ADAC sung and did a mime performance.

Now, this Camporee was showered with many miracles, big and small. ADAC mime performance was one of the areas that we saw God come through for us in a remarkable way. And this is what I want to share with you.

We, the leaders, were stressed in the lead up to the Camporee as we had to make sure the Pathfinders are well prepared and it felt like time was not enough. When we had our meeting we decided to prepare for a talent presentation and marching where we faced challenges on gathering the teens every night as, at the time, we only have two weeks left before the Camporee. Then after few days we heard that we needed to prepare for two talent shows, so again another challenge for more practices.

We also had to do other preparation such as transportation, meals, etc. So we tried to push the Pathfinder and to inspire them so they stay motivated. During the final week before Camporee we could see that the children were getting tired, exhausted and some were unwell.

Before the camporee I have asked my husband to communicate with the Camporee Program Director, Jerandy Sonsona, to let him know that ADAC Pathfinders will be doing, among other things, a Mime performance and that we needed total darkness for that performance. MG. Randy promised to arrange for that so we continued with other preparations.

We also needed some UV lights and we struggled to get where we could buy UV lights. For a week my husband searched and the only available lights were blue lights which we knew would not be as effective as it would be too bright. So we had to make our own Do-It-Yourself (DIY) UV light. We used it during practice but it did not give good results. We thought anyway they can make the venue pitch dark so this light somehow might work.

When we reached the camp sight I managed to speak with the Camporee Director, Gureni Lukwaro, and he confirmed that he can arrange to make the place pitch dark, he just needed to double-check with the right person who controlled the lights to be sure. When I heard that promise I laughed and I was relieved.

Thursday night I saw that on the performance stage, there were letters displaying the Camporee theme, #CONNECTED, and the letters were surrounded by a blue light which was really good. Since all we had was only the DIY UV light which didn’t work that well, I thought we could borrow the blue light for our performance. I asked Moses, who managed the Audio-Visual, if it is UV light and he replied that he didn’t not know and he referred me to Gulf Field Associate Pathfinder Director Daily Espinoza who was the one who bought the blue light. I searched for Daily and when I found her and asked her if the blue light was a UV light, she said that it was her husband, Pr. Andy Espinoza, who bought it so she doesn’t have any idea. So I again went back to Director Gureni and asked him where to find Pastor Andy and Director Gureni called Pr. Andy and I was able to speak to him over the phone. He did not for sure if it was UV.

I went back to Director Daily to ask if we can borrow the light anyway and that when we started to see how God was preparing an answer and a solution to our problem long before we knew we would have a problem. Director Daily said that she can’t lend us the one on the stage because it should be fixed there, but she said when they bought the light, they got a little extra so there was an 8 meter long blue light which she will not use and we could have it. I was very happy because our lights were not that good. I was singing and thanking God as how could He had prepared the light for us… It is exactly what we needed… It was far better than what we had. We had been searching for that kind of light in the past week without success not knowing that God had already prepared it for us and made it available that day…

So while singing going back to the kitchen to try if it will work with the gloves, it did not… As much as I tried to make it work and plug it everywhere but to no avail. I asked my husband to fix it, or give it back to Director Daily or Pastor Andy to have it fixed because at the time I was so exhausted going back and forth the camp site… Those who attended the Camporee would remember how long the walks were, in the desert sand, plus I am breastfeeding, plus I need to prepare the teens and make sure that they are wearing what they are supposed to wear and practice with them again, plus I needed to eat dinner as well and make sure that 4 of my children have also eaten.

Earlier on I had asked our eldest daughter to count the gloves to make sure that there was enough for everyone who will be performing, she confirmed that there are 16 pairs, exactly the number of Pathfinders who would be performing. If anyone of them were to lose theirs, I would not have any spare ones, so we needed to be very careful as we know how children are sometimes when they are excited.

Now, the lights are still not working, my husband said he was also busy and could not help me, he was in charge of the Camporee photography and video shooting. So I broke down as I felt overworked. I was in tears. I was really, really, down. I could literally hear Satan whispering bad thoughts in my ears. I could also literally hear the angels telling me to be patient and stay positive… As if that was not enough, one of the Pathfinders approached me and said that one of his gloves went missing. My heart cried even more. One of the parents/mentors overheard it and she told me that there were extra gloves in one of the bags. I told her it’s impossible as we counted it in the morning. When I checked, I saw two extra pairs. God had come through for us again. I was shocked but I just did not pay attention since I was so busy with a lot of things and again, one of my daughters came to me to tell me that she misplaced her gloves…. My head almost crushed as I didn’t know what to say. The bad thing is I focused on my emotion… But God was patient with me and He had something for us. He gave us extra gloves😊❤️. What a miracle. It just did not sink in during that time because I was overwhelmed, I had a lot to prepare.

So after feeding my son, I gave him to one of our Church Elders, Brother Gideon Diesto and his wife so they could give him a bath as he was bathing in the sand the whole day.

I took time to pray and again and I was impressed to approach Sis. Daily to help me fix the blue lights. I went on searching for her from one end to another and finally saw her fixing the word Camporee theme #CONNECTED at the stage area. I told her was sorry and I knew that she was busy but the light she gave me was not turning on. She immediately called her husband to confirm if the extra piece she gave me was working and Pr. Andy confirmed that it was working and that he tested it earlier that day and it was working. So we started trying to make it work and unfortunately, in the process we broke the blue lights around the theme which were working. At that point Sis. Daily asked us to wait for her husband who knew how they worked to help us. So I left the lights with here there and went back to the Pathfinder to ensure they do the final practice well. I also went to Director Gureni to confirm the possibility of a total darkness and he confirmed that he has discussed with the electrical engineer and he will be coming to help us with that.

I felt that I had done all I could to prepare everything that is needed. But I remembered I had not checked if my phone could be connected to the computer for audio. I did that and the team said yes. So everything was set in place I just needed to confirm what time exactly are the teens going to perform.

It was then when Director Gureni approached me to say that the electrician had showed up and said that the area uses single source of electric power. If they put the lights off, everything else that uses electricity will go off. The computers wouldn’t work, the audio-visuals wouldn’t work and yes, it would be peach dark, and quiet. I knew that God was talking to me that time, I knew from my heart that I was not to give up on Him because He prepared everything perfectly, I just needed to trust Him.

As Bro. Gureni was waiting for my reply, I told him that we needed the sound system. A sister who heard our conversation said she brought a chargeable speaker but we realized that it wouldn’t be enough to be heard by all in that open area. So I said to Bro. Gureni that we will still continue with pitch black… But then, I realized that we needed that UV light on… If there will be no electricity, then it will be worthless.

I approached Director Gureni again to tell him that we can’t go pitch dark. I knew that God was telling me to keep on looking…. He has trained me well on this. So I saw the tent and asked if we could somehow borrow the tent which I was surprised he said yes… Thank you. Then the lady who offered to lend us portable speaker told me look at the tent beside us…that it was still well light-up. I said, we will just put something around it. I told her I will borrow from the Korean delegation their banner that was around it earlier, it will only prevent the lights but will still not darken the area completely as it is white colored. I don’t want to go to the Koreans to ask because it is far away from the stage. I felt God pushing me to check on the tent. So I went. He told me to look around and then I noticed the blue curtains used to separate the honors area. I went back to the lady and asked her if they will still use the blue curtains and if I could borrow them as I needed a dark colored curtain to make the area darker… She said, you know, you need to go and ask Bro. Randy. Almost immediately she said something even better, she told me Bro. Randy had a black curtain which is really big that could really help us… I jumped to my amazement… And I could feel the angels were saying, at last, she figured out what we have prepared for her 😇😂😂😂

We went and took the two tents perfectly tied together, and brought it near the stage. As I was holding the black curtains which Randy handed me, Brother Gideon told me to try fixing the curtain before the presentation… I thought the surprise was over, but then when we tried to place the curtain around the tent, it was somehow enough for the space… I again jumped for joy… I said to myself, God left a little space open to humble us… Then Gureni told me to look for something that will fix the curtains in place. Randy asked me to follow him and I did. As we ran to the registration area I thought the straw will be ok, but then Randy said he had an extra spare coil of thin wire, he reached out where it was and gave it to me and he said its ok to pinch holes in the curtain to affix it on the tent… When I went back to the tent, I was really surprised once again. There was new development. While I was gone. Elder Gideon and Bro. Gureni discussed and decided with others who were there to try the curtain from inside the tent instead of outside. When they did, it perfectly fit the tents, it was the exact length from one corner to the other corner… The cup of blessings and miracles was overflowing. Again, and again, God affirmed that His hands are at work…

Literally, it was not until about half an hour before our scheduled performance that all things fell into place. The tent worked out well; the black cloth provided the semblance of darkness we wanted; the blue light plus our DIY UV light did the trick; the audio, with a bit of hiccups worked out fine; the Pathfinders, who saw how God worked out things perfectly at the last minute, were in high spirits; and by the grace of God, we had a wonderful performance. All praises to our beloved God.

In Isaiah 65:24 our dear Lord says, “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.” We witnessed it first hand during this experience.

  • He provided extra two pairs of gloves before we knew two of our Pathfinders would lose theirs.
  • God provided extra blue light before we knew we needed it.
  • God provided extra dark-colored cloth, exact size, before we knew we needed it.
  • He provided extra thin wire before we knew we needed it.
  • I even heard that it was only earlier that day that the Korean group requested a showcase space. The Camporee organizers had two extra tents brought from Ras Al Khaimah and set-up the two tents for them. It turned out that was exactly what we needed. God prepared this one for us as well, through the Koreans, before we knew that we needed it.

Indeed God answered before we called on Him with our problems. He is faithful and we are forever grateful for His love and mercies. We Praise Him for all He did and He continues to do for us.

Jazzel is one of the Pathfinder leaders of the Abu Dhabi Adventist Center (ADAC) Pathfinder Club.