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Welcome to the official pathfinder camporee website for the Gulf Field of Seventh-day Adventists.

Even at the heart of this Arabian Peninsula, we still are Pathfinder Strong and we love Camporees.

Our next camporee will be in held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates from Thursday to Sabbath, February 20-22, 2020. We will be blessed if you will attend.

Pathfinders Plant A Legacy in the Middle East

By Lynn Lukwaro To help combat climate change, Pathfinders in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) took part in planting 1,400 trees in Dubai on Sunday, November 10 as a part of Plant A Legacy initiative spearheaded by a Dubai private school. Seven Pathfinders, four Adventurers, two parents and fifteen Master Guides in Training and Master Guides from the Emirates of Sharjah and Dubai in UAE participated in the completion of planting 15,000 Ghaf trees in 65 days. “Plant A Legacy” (PAL) project initiative by The Kindergarten Starters School a GEMS Education series in Dubai aimed to [...]

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Pathfinder Strong – In the Middle East as well

By Gureni Lukwaro Some of the questions I get most of the time when people realize that I live in the Middle East is, “Are there Christians there?” “Are there Christian Churches there?” “Do they allow you to worship?” and other questions of the same nature. I often smile and reply that YES, there are many Christians in various part of the Middle East; YES, there are Christian Churches in various parts of the Middle East; and YES, where I am, we are allowed to worship. Then I continue to shock them that not only are there Christians in [...]

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